What is CargoTASK?

CargoTASK is for all companies whose work process needs freight management: transport, logistics, trading and production companies.

CargoTASK users combaine network where transport process is simple, traceable and secure.

Why I should use CargoTASK?

Using CargoTASK helps you to save time on transport management process and makes you easier to control freight quotes, track shipments, invoicing, process analytics (KPI performance indicators), create freight documents and package labels.

CargoTASK also makes your transport process paper free and real-time data interchange between involved parties (shippers, transport companies, consignees) creates faster cash cycles.

There is also no need for your company to make IT related investments, because we have created powerful tool for small and mid-size company’s logistics that covers necessary processes of transport management.

Is it safe to use CargoTASK?

Yes, it is safe. Every registered company has unique access to its system and all data in servers have daily back-up. We have 256 bit encryption between your computer or smartphone and our servers, that is verified by RapidSSL.


Do CargoTASK have free trial period?

Yes, we offer 12-day free trial period for you to be sure that CargoTASK covers all your company’s needs on transport process management. If free trial period is about to expire, we will notify you in advance with e-mail and let you know how to continue using CargoTASK.

How does the 12-day free trial work?

Once we receive your details via the sign-up form, we will create a CargoTASK database for you online and send you an email which gives you the link to start using the system and also instructions for how to use it. We don’t need any credit card or bank details. You then get 12 days of use on the system with no charges whatsoever.

How I can pay for using CargoTASK?

On day 13, chargable usage starts. You will get a warning email telling you this is going to happen. On first chargable day you will receive an e-mail with instructions if you would like to choose annual plan (will save 20%) or monthly plan. Once you have made your choise CargoTask will issue a bill for that period and that payment must be received in our account within 7 days of the date of the bill. Then, each month from then on, we will send you a bill which covers that month of use.

Once payment is made (sum has been landed to CargoTASK account) you can continue using CargoTASK for the period you have paid for.

Is there any hidden fees using CargoTASK?

No, you will get everything described in user packages when using CargoTASK.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No, all updates using standard services and possibilities are without any additional charges and covered by user fee. Updates will be added automatically without changing current workflow.

Is there any obligation to continue after the first 12 days?

No, there isn’t. We hope you’ll continue but there is absolutely no obligation – you can stop whenever you want, either during the initial 12 day period or at any time afterwards.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by Bank Transfer. Other payment options will follow.

What happens if I don’t pay one of the monthly bills?

If your account is in debit for more than 14 days we will disable your CargoTask system. We will warn you that this situation has arisen by sending you notification emails.

If I don’t pay will you try to recover the debt?

No, we won’t. In cases of non-payment our sole remedy is to disable the system so you can’t continue to use it.

In cases of non-payment, how long do you retain my database after the 14 day payment deadline?

We will not delete any of your data for at least 2 months after the 14 day payment deadline. This means that if you make a late payment within 2 months of the bill date you will be able to resume using CargoTASK with all your historical data remaining available. However, after 2 months without payment we reserve the right to delete your CargoTASK database.

Can I copy my database information out of CargoTASK?

Yes, you can – the information you store in CargoTASK belongs to you. At any time while your system remains live you can export CargoTASK data out of the system into CSV/Excel files and use it for whatever purpose you wish.

If my database has been deleted following non-payment, can I then re-subscribe?

We may accept a re-subscription depending on circumstances. However we reserve the right to decline re-subscriptions from individuals or companies with a history of billing issues.

Getting started

How I can become CargoTASK user?

All you have to do is to go CargoTASK sign-up page and choose your user module (SHIPPER, FREIGHT or FLEETS) and enter asked user information for registration.

After sign-up we will check your company’s background within 2 working days and if there are no additional information needed, then your user account will be activated. We will send you notification e-mail about it.

I haven’t received activation e-mail?

Have you checked spam folder already? Your mailbox may forward CargoTASK activation e-mail into spam folder. If you still could not find it, then send us note to

How I can login to CargoTASK?

If your company’s account is successfully validated, then you can login from CargoTASK homepage clicking on “login” button and entering username and password.

I forgot my password?

If you have lost login password, then you can ask for new one ( entering username and e-mail address linked to your user account, system will send automatically new password to your e-mail. Then you can login with your new password. Password can also be changed in your company profile by account moderator.

If I would like to have special solutions or I have some extra ideas for CargoTASK, can those be ordered additionally?

If you have any special requests about CargoTASK or there is something you would like to have additionally using CargoTASK, then send your question or idea to e-mail We will contact with you and discuss about how to make those ideas into reality.

SHIPPER module

Does CargoTASK make background checks for registered carriers?

All companies registered to CargoTASK have been checked and verified to provide best partners for shippers.

Are my shipments insured using CargoTASK?

We have additional option in CargoTASK, which enables to send insurance application directly from CargoTASK to our insurance partners.

Can I choose my own transport company?

In SHIPPER module shipper can send freight orders and quotes to its existing transport partners e-mail. Shipper also can use CargoTASK Dedicated Carriers.

Dedicated Carrier provides full traceability throughout transport cycle (from quoting till invoicing). Dedicated Carriers will give shipper automatic freight price, which makes finding suitable transport company quicker and easier.

Can I create shipping documents (CMR, BL, labels)?

SHIPPER module enables shippers to create CMR freight document, package labels, signed loading confirmations.

Can I give feedback on service provided by CargoTASK carriers?

After every shipment delivered by Dedicated Carriers you can rate service level you have received from transport company in 1 to 5 scale (1 – poor service quality, 2 – bad service quality, 3 – average service quality, 4 – good service quality, 5 – excellent service quality).

Rating gives you better overview of the carrier’s services and is based on real customer feedback. The better carrier rating, better service you will get.

You can also type comments about the service you have received, so other users will have better overview of the services provided (will be available soon).

Is it possible to have signed freight documents using CargoTASK?

Dedicated Carriers will provide shippers signed documents in every leg of the transport cycle.

Carriers, that are not registered as CargoTASK users, this option is not available.

CARRIER module

What are the requirements to register CargoTASK FREIGHT module?

Becoming CargoTASK CARRIER module user transport company needs to have valid license and there are no sanctions in public records. Also companies that are recommended by existing users and companies who have passed standard background check by CargoTASK.

What type of carriers should register?

CargoTASK does not set any boundaries for carrier types. We support different type of carriers, that provides transport services for palletized, bulk or liquid shipments.

Do I need special equipment or devices for using CargoTASK CARRIER module?

No, there are no need for any special devices. Drivers can use smartphones for communicating with dispatchers using CargoTASK DRIVER application. Dispatchers need laptop or desk computer with internet to use CargoTASK solution.

CargoTASK Driver application is available on Android (soon on iOS and Windows Phone).

Do you provide schooling and training?

Yes, we offer free schooling and training for every registered company, that CargoTASK will have maximum impact on transport management process inside the company. On registration you have to mark on check box, that training is necessary or send us e-mail to Our professional training team will contact with you to arrange schooling (date and location) and its format.

Help and support

Do CargoTASK have system manuals available?

Yes, manuals are available We keep updating those manuals.

Can I use CargoTASK with my Mac?

CargoTASK is web based solution and you can use it with your Mac or Windows and Linux operated computers.

Is it possible to use CargoTASK without internet connection?

No. CargoTASK is useable only with internet connection.

I have found “buggie” or mistake in CargoTASK system, who I should inform about it?

As we are constantly developing CargoTASK system, there may be some of those buggies or applications that needs few more touches to be fully functional and we would very grateful of such feedback once you have discovered it. You can send us screenshot or description about this “buggie” to That really helps to build better solution for all of CargoTASK users.

Closing my account

How can I close my account?

To close your CargoTASK account you should write us e-mail and we will close it for you. No future obligations will not follow, as simple as that.

Do you keep my data after closing my account?

In case you might reconsider we keep your account deactivated 2 months after closing your account and after that we will delete all your data in CargoTASK.