Real-time control of your fleets

Paperfree inhouse fleet management with CargoTASK platform enables easily connect your shipments with trucks.


Load management

Create and manage your shipments on your trucks or with other CargoTASK Dedicated Carriers.

Labeled shipments

Easily create lables with company logos for your pallets or packages.

E-mail alerts

All action notifications will be sent to your e-mail as they happen. You are informed of shipment progress.

DRIVER mobile app

Powerful tool to communicate with drivers. Loading information and signatures in real-time.

Analytics and reports

Analyze your performance and make wize decisions to grow your business with KPI reports.

Route planning

Plan shipment routing through terminals and manage loadings from terminals.


Create and send personalized freight invoices to your clients with one-click.

Scanned docs and pictures

Pictures or documents from loadings will be available in real-time.

Track your shipment progress

Every movement of the shipment progress in transport cycle is recorded. You can easily read activity log and see where your shipments are.

Signed documents in seconds

You will received electronically signed documents by CargoTASK Dedicated Carriers as soon as driver has delivered or picked up your shipment.

Driver work management

Daily driver's work management is easily organized with full overview of driver performances.

Integrate with homepage

Price request and order forms for your clients on website are integrated with CargoTASK.
79 month
Pay annually and save 20%
149 month
Pay annually and save 20%

12-day free test drive

Start using CargoTASK without any obligations. We help you 100% to try and test all available features to simplify daily freight management.

Cloud based

You don't have to install any software to your computer to start using CargoTASK. We are web-based and accessible wherever you are.

No credit card

We don't ask credit card information to register. Just create your account and you are ready to go.

Updates included

We keep improving our platform everyday and you will have the latest upgrades of CargoTASK available.